Built for Industry 4.0 (Smart Factory). High speed Traceability solutions for the most demanding applications

# needs a working internet connection with Static IP


Next Gen NX Machine Automation Systems with Built-in SQL DB

Zero Data Loss

No Data loss even if connection with PC/ Server is terminated

Direct to Server

No Software/ PC needed, push data directly to SQL from NX PLC

Vision DB

High speed direct folder image push for Vision Systems enabling a visual log of the product


Bevy of Smart devices connected over Ether-CAT for highspeed applications

High Scan Speed

Upto 1ms Scan speed for the most demanding Traceability Applications

SAP Integration

Support for Integration with SAP/ ERP can be provided with client IT team's support

21CFR Compliance

21 CFR Compliance can be adhered to for the Food and Pharma Industries