Our ultimate SCADA Solution, secure plant level access with global accessibility on any device

# needs a working internet connection with Static IP


Secure plant level operations with our SCADA application (CX- Supervisor)

Global DAQ

Access globaly on any device with the same features as our Cloud DAQ

Data Analysis

Complete set of Analtycal functions are available on the cloud

SCADA Access

1, 2 User licences available for SCADA. 500, 2000 & Unlimited Tag options available

Client PC

Dedicated PC at client end is required for running the SCADA

High Scan Speed

Scan speed of upto 100ms in SCADA and 10 mins in Cloud DAQ

SAP Integration

Support for Integration with SAP/ ERP can be provided with client IT team's support

21CFR Compliance

21 CFR Compliance can be adhered to for the Food and Pharma Industries